Many bikes have simple front suspension, with linear fork springs controlled by simple dampers formed by hollow fork legs which are part filled with oil.

Over time the springs weaken, and this weakening (combined with the views of many riders of japanese bikes that their forks are undersprung from new), means that fitting replacement fork springs after a reasonable mileage is important.

Replacement springs can be either linear or progressive. Linear springs are generally the choice of track/race riders and off-road bikers, where the spring rating is constant and so the handling & roadholding are very predictable.

Progressive fork springs are the normal upgrade choice for most road bikes. When the forks are fully extended, the springs are softer than standard, and the bike rides well over minor bumps. With larger bumps, or diving on braking etc some of the spring coils close up, and the springs become harder (maybe 10% harder than the originals), improving rider comfort and control.

Progressive Fork Springs

            We sell progressive fork springs from various manufacturers, including:

A very wide range of progressive fork springs to match Hagon's range of shocks.

Sold complete with fitting instructions and spacers if required.

Can optionally be supplied with Hagon's own fork oil.

Price £125/pr delivered; or £140/pr with a litre of fork oil.

These are the 'Original' progressive rate fork springs, with a lifetime warranty from Progressive.

Some applications are offered in Heavy Duty and Standard Versions.

Sold complete with fitting instructions and spacers if required.

Prices are from £102/pr delivered.

Hyperpro progressive fork springs are made of top quality steel, optimally heat treated to retain their rated strength. Compared with standard springs Hyperpro claim easier cornering, a shorter braking distance, improved tyre life, a better balance in the bike and better overall feedback of your bike.

The springs come with the correct oil for your bike, plus the most comprehensive installation and set-up instructions of any of the fork spring manufacturers.

All springs are KBA/TUV/GTU approved

The price is a bit more expensive at (from) £133/pair delivered.

In line with their race-driven philosophy, Bitubo sell several ranges of fork upgrade kits including both linear and progressive springs for scooters as well as a wide range of bikes.

Bitubo fork springs are manufactured in Cr-Si alloy steel, via heat treatment, a stabilizing procedure and final shot-basting with steel balls, thus ensuring very high performance for a long time.

Price from £128/pair delivered including fitting instructions and Bitubo's recommended oil.

Ikons have expanded their range of fork springs and now cater for around 800 bike models.

Matching Ikon's reputation for very progressive shock springs, it makes sense to opt for Ikon fork springs when you fit their shocks.

Price is from £130/pair delivered.

Linear Fork Springs

           We sell linear fork springs from various manufacturers, including:

K-Tech fork springs are manufactured from the highest grade chrome silicone wire. Each spring is cold coiled, heat treated, tempered, pre set, shot peened and ground to length before being polished for ultimate low friction performance.

All springs have their rate laser etched on the end and are manufactured to DIN 2095 grade 1.

Good range of off-road bikes covered, with up to 9 rates avaiable for some bikes.

Our best selling linear springs from £90/pr delivered.

These straight rate springs are manufactured from "suspension" quality chrome silicon wire, shot peened, heat-treated and 100% tested. US suspension experts Race Tech claim they are the finest available.

Generally 5 or 6 rate options for bikes listed.

Sold complete with fitting instructions, washers and spacers if required.

Prices are from £117/pr delivered.

FC are Factory Connection, who are an american company specialising in suspension springs.

Specialise in off road bike applications.

As many as 15 different spring rates forsome bikes.

Prices are from £85/pr delivered.

Bitubo's target market is track and race bikes, and they have a range of linear springs for popular sports bikes.

The springs are well engineered like all Bitubo products, and are supplied with their recommended weight fork oil.

Unusually Bitubo endorse fitting springs of slightly different ratings in the two fork legs in order to obtain an intermediate overall spring rate, although this costs more.

The price is from £125/pair delivered incl fork oil.

Choose your progressive or linear fork springs:
Hagon progressive fork springs £125/pr
Hagon progressive fork springs & 1L oil £140/pr
Progressive progressive fork springs from £102/pr
Hyperpro progressive fork springs & 1L oil  from £133/pr
Bitubo progressive fork springs & 1L oil from £128/pr
Ikon progressive fork springs from £130/pr
K-Tech linear fork springs from £90/pr
Race Tech linear fork springs from £117/pr
Factory Connection linear fork springs from £85/pr
Bitubo linear fork springs & 1L oil from £125/pr