TNK is justifiably the best known manufacturer of aftermarket fork tubes,
having specialised in their production for more than 20 years. Their range
covers 1000's of bike models and they send loads of tubes around the world
from their factory in Italy.

CNC designed and manufactured, TNK tubes are a direct replacement for OEM tubes.

Available singly in nickel-chrome. Price from £ 129.50 delivered.

Promoto have a large range of replacement fork tubes, covering more than 500 bikes.

Made in Germany their quality matches or in many cases exceeds OEM fork quality.

All models are made in chrome, but for some bikes there are options of Titanium-Nitride finishing,
which hardens the outer surface, and carbon finish.

Tubes are sold individually, prices are £179 for a chromed leg, £265 for titanium-nitriding, or £309 for a carbon finish.

slinky glide fork tubes

Slinky Glide, a UK manufacturer, make the best value fork tubes.

Slinky Glide Fork Tubes are coated with really heavy duty chroming, giving them an extra long life and making them exceptionally tough and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Precision made to be a perfect fit for your machine, be it Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, Royal Enfield and most other motorcycle makes. Price from £225/pair.

Choose your Fork Tubes:
TNK fork tube from £129.50 each
PROMOTO chrome fork tube from £179
PROMOTO gold fork tube from £265 each
PROMOTO carbon fork tube from £309 each
SLINKY GLIDE chrome fork tube from £225/pr

Where an exact price cannot be quoted due to different prices for different bike models, there is no commitment in placing an order. We will advise price and availability before you decide whether or not to confirm the order.