A steering damper is a stabilising device designed to reduce or prevent unwanted steering movement or 'wobble' or at its worst, a tank slapper. Motorbikes with short wheelbases can make very quick changes in direction, meaning that a bump from an uneven road surface can introduce wobble, as also can happen after a wheelie if the front wheel is a little out of line.

    Steering dampers control wobble by damping the turning movement of the forks. They are often fitted as original equipment on newer bikes. If you don't have one, we suggest that steering dampers are a must-have accessory, offering major improvements to safety and secure ride comfort.

    All dampers require bike-specific fitting kits, which some manufacturers sell separately.


    Dutch company Hyperpro are one of the most respected names in steering dampers. As well as offering a range of sizes and colours, they offer two damping options: CSC and RSC. Both damper types are made with the highest precision to guarantee the quality and functioning of the damper, and both offer 22 clicks of damping adjustment. But there is a major difference between how the two types operate.

    Both types of dampers are equipped with the following features:

    • Fully adjustable - Damping can be adjusted in 22 positions.
    • Fully re-buildable with spare parts availability.
    • High quality bearings.
    • Low friction design due to 8mm piston rod with special surface treatment.
    • One-piece piston rod - Perfect alignment through the slide bearings and no excessive force on the piston.
    • Triple function seals. Dust scraper and double oil seal, ensuring that dust cannot enter and oil cannot exit.
    • Nitrogen pressurized heat expansion reservoir - Gas pressure prevents against foaming.
    • Available in 4 lengths: 75mm 120mm 140mm 160mm
    • Available in 6 colours: black, gold, purple, red, raw polished, & grey.


    CSC dampers from £189 delivered

    RSC dampers from £212 delivered

    Fitting kits start at £55

  • DRAG

    American company DRAG have introduced a range of steering dampers to fit most Harleys.
    They sell complete kits ie damper and mounting kit, and prices are very reasonable.

    • Seven-position hydraulic dampers.
    • Fully adjustable: allows full fork movement stop-to-stop.
    • Includes required mounting hardware and instructions.
    • Ideal for most Harleys including trikes and sidecars.
    • Repair kit available includes all parts to rebuild one damper.

    Price from £185 delivered.

  • Bitubo

    Bitubo's product range is driven by their involvement with racing, and back in 1992 they recognised the importance of steering dampers on sports bikes and developed their own range. They now list nearly 200 applications.

    Bitubo's dampers are built around their nitrogen pressurised coaxial compensation chamber (patented) which ensures consistent damper performance, and offer 18 clicks of adjustment.

    Dampers are supplied either separately as replacements for OEM units or complete with mounting kits. Clamps are manufactured in aeronautic light alloy and billet with CNC machining.

    Available for the following mounting positions: side, over tank, under instruments or exclusively for racing (without front lighting equipment).

    Price for kits (with a choice of black or red damper) is from £249 delivered.

  • YSS

      YSS steering dampers:

    • Available in anodised black, red or gold.
    • 78mm or 120mm stroke.
    • 30 clicks of damping adjustment.
    • Very light weight of 0.42Kg.
    • Optional fitting kits available for many models.
    • Also available for race use - the Platinum Racing steering damper, with progressive damping for additional stability during track use, with either 78mm or 120mm stroke.

    Prices are:
    from £159 for the standard damper (in any of the 3 colours and either size)
    From £185 for the platinum race damper (in either size)
    From £61 for bike-specific fitting kits (typical kit shown).

  • K-Tech

    K-Tech steering dampers are a lightweight aluminium design available for many applications, manufactured in conjunction with Toby Dampers. Available in seven lengths for road and race use they are fully serviceable and come supplied with all the necessary mounting components to fit the make and model of each of the 250 or so motorcycle models listed.

    These are top quality dampers available for both street and race use. Street dampers start at £329 delivered, while race units are from £369.

Choose your Steering Damper:
HYPERPRO steering damper from £189 each
DRAG steering damper from £185 each
BITUBO steering damper from £249 each
YSS steering damper from £159 each
K-TECH steering damper from £329 each

Where an exact price cannot be quoted due to different prices for different bike models, there is no commitment in placing an order. We will advise price and availability before you decide whether or not to confirm the order.