On this page you’ll find shocks designed for classic bikes, mainly the shrouded black-over-chrome units so popular in the glory days of british motorcycles, before the jap bike invasion. The original shocks on BSA, Triumph, Norton, AJS, Ambassador, Ariel, Excelsior, Francis Barnett, James, Matchless, Panther, Royal Enfield and other bikes were often Girlings, and we have the old Girling catalogues so we can identify the best replacements for many bikes. (And now Girling shocks have been updated and relaunched .... )

We aim to have the most competitive prices around for all our shocks, so if you can find a better deal elsewhere please give us a call. The price shown is the price you pay, including vat and delivery to most areas of mainland UK.


Ranges of shocks with classic styling are made by:

EMGO are an american-owned company manufacturing a wide range of replacement parts for classic bikes in Taiwan. The EMGO range of classic shocks are decent quality shocks designed to look similar to the Girling originals, and with the same 3-position preload adjustment. These are oil-filled emulsion shocks, and at least as good as many of the original units. Now made in the far east to keep costs down, the prices are very competitive.

There are more than 20 different shocks in the range, with a variety of length, spring and bush options, and of course with the choice of exposed chrome springs or full covers.

Lengths available are 11.9", 12.4", 12.9" and 13.4" (all measurements are centre eye to centre eye).

And there are six spring options - from soft (90lbs) to extra heavy duty (145lbs) to match original Girling specs.

Applications include: BSA A+B Group, Triumph 3TA/5TA, T110, T120, and there are two special shocks in the range: 12.2" dampers/110lb springs with screw on yoke attachments to suit Matchless G3/G9/G11 etc, and an 11.4" shock with 100lb springs which has a single (top) cover and long leg, and is suitable for many of the later BSA Bantams (D7 on).

The replacement black and chrome covers are a good way of refurbishing many old Girling shocks - but they don't fit all Girlings so please use the dimensions on the picture to confirm they'll fit!

  • EMGO Classic shocks with black over chrome covers. 9 models available with length, spring rates and bushes to suit many classic bikes. £89/pr

  • EMGO Classic shocks with black dampers, chrome springs.
    12 models available to suit many classic bikes. £85/pr

  • AJS/Matchless Yoke - 12.2" dampers with 110lb springs, supplied with new alloy yokes. Suitable for many yoke-type AJS/Matchless bikes. £125/pr

  • 11.4" dampers with 100lb springs, for D7/D10/D14/B175 Bantams & C15S/T. Also fits some earlier models but raises seat height.  £69/pr

  • Classic Covers measure (mm):
    Top (black) 58 x 127 long & 37.5 hole.
    Bottom (chrome) 53 x 114 & 37 hole.

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A good old British name now resurrected. Back in the day most British bikes left the factory with Girling shocks, which were fairly basic oil and air units. Then, maybe 10 years before they went out of business in the late 70's Girling introduced a new range of gas pressurised shocks which gave a more controlled ride than the old twin tube design, and maintained their performance better when worked hard. The relaunched Girling range are also gas shocks, with further improvements.

These shocks have two features only normally found in more expensive units: The dampers are threaded allowing 'infinite' preload adjustment, and the eye-to-eye length is adjustable +/- 5mm from the nominal length.

With damper diameter of 32mm, slimline 51mm springs, and 10mm piston rods these shocks will give the right period look to most classic bikes, while perforrming better than the originals. Plus they come with modern durable polyurethane bushings with push in anodised alloy sleeves.

Girling Classic Shrouded

    12.4" shocks with 145lb-in springs
    12.9" shocks with 110 lb-in springs
    13.4" shocks with 110 lb-in springs

Girling Classic Open

    12.4" shocks with 100 lb-in chrome springs
    12.4" shocks with 145 lb-in chrome springs
    12.9" shocks with 100 lb-in chrome springs
    12.9" shocks with 110 lb-in chrome springs
    12.9" shocks with 126 lb-in chrome springs
    13.4" shocks with 110 lb-in chrome springs
    13.4" shocks with 126 lb-in chrome springs

Following customer demand we have opened Bike Revival Shop to take your online order for Girling shocks. In the Shop you can check out the shocks available for your classic AJS, BSA, Matchless, Norton or Triumph, and buy them.
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Hagon road shocks are made in the UK to suit most twinshock bikes - probably the widest range in the world, with damper lengths from 255mm - 370mm, and spring ratings 56-250 lbs-in. These classic shocks have the standard Hagon 28mm gas damper with separator piston and a 3-position preload adjust cam. Top cover diameters are around 63mm, and the shiny parts are polished stainless steel rather than chrome for improved corrosion resistance.

These shocks will perform much better than most original classic bike shocks, the pressurised gas design giving a more controlled and consistent ride, although you should expect the ride to feel a bit firmer.

Although not rebuildable (the dampers are crimp-sealed around the shaft), they come with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.

All the Classic 1, 2 & 3 shocks have black dampers as standard, but they can all be ordered with polished stainless steel dampers for the full chrome effect at extra cost.

All Hagon twinshocks are built to order with springs and damping calculated to match your weight on the bike. Non-standard length shocks are also available, if you need reduced seat height to get your feet on the ground, or maybe want a taller ride. There's a £20/pair extra charge for non-standard length shocks.

Hagon Classic 1 shocks with slimline (50-55mm) springs & short cap. Also available with standard (60mm).
£231.50/pr (Black springs £11.50 less).

Hagon Classic 2 & 3 full covered shocks available as either Classic 2 (all stainless steel) or Classic 3 (black over stainless steel). Same price. £259/pr

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Progressive have become the largest US manufacturer of aftermarket bike shocks since they started out more than 30 years ago. They concentrate their applications lists on more popular bikes, mainly twinshocks, and test all their products thoroughly to ensure a good match between shocks and machine.

We sell quite a few of their 1200-series range of shocks for classics like Norton Commandos. The performance of these shocks transforms the handling of the larger classic bikes. They come in various lengths: 11",  11.5",  12",  12.5",  13",  13.5",   and 14.25"   and with a variety of progressive spring rates. Dampers are always black but springs can be black or chrome.

Progressive 12-series. Black 41mm o.d. gas dampers. Very progessive springs. Choice of lengths & spring rates. Fork mount option. £379/pr

Choose your PROGRESSIVE shocks:

Progressive 12-Series shocks with black springs @ £379/pr
Progressive 12-Series shocks with chrome springs @ £379/pr

Koni stopped making bike shocks years ago, but all the designs etc were transferred to IKON, who have carried on making exactly the same shocks, still the chrome damper/black spring 7610 series and all the same applications plus of course lots of new ones. The 7610's still have 3-position preload adjustment and 4-position dial a ride damping adjustment. If you are one of the thousands of riders who liked the old Konis, you'll be very happy with the performance from a pair of Ikons - either the 7610's, or the new BASIX range, which are basically the same shocks but without the dial-a-ride damping adjustment.

Chrome springs and top caps are options.

IKON BASIX chrome fixed-rate
dampers. Slimline black progressive
springs. 3-way preload adjust.
Rebuildable. From £229.90/pr.

IKON 7610 dial-a-rides with
4-way damping adjustment &
very progressive black springs.
Rebuildable. From £379.10/pr.

Choose your IKON shocks:

Ikon Basix shocks from £229.90/pr
Ikon 7610 shocks from £397.10/pr

Where an exact price cannot be quoted due to different prices for different bike models, there is no commitment in placing an order. We will advise price and availability before you decide whether or not to confirm the order.

Fournales air shocks have been around for more than 30 years. They started out with competition-winning trials shocks and developed hundreds of applications over a few years. Made to order in France, they have a dedicated following among riders who appreciate their excellent performance, long life, ease of adjustment, light weight, and most of all the quality of ride they provide. These days Fournales also make suspension units for light aircraft, and the bike shocks benefit from this high-tech knowhow.

They are high-pressure air shocks, with the air acting as a very progressive spring, with hydraulic damping tuned specially for each bike model. The internal air pressure can be adjusted (in effect to provide your perfect spring rate) and once set up these shocks will not bottom out - they simply get harder as they are compressed. As a result both traction and performance under braking are improved, and the superb ride quality is ideal if you or your passenger suffer from back pain.

The Air Twins with their black cover over chrome slider are ideal as superb replacements on larger Triumphs (e.g. 750 Bonnevilles), Norton Commandos, many Laverdas, etc. They are slimline shocks, with 50mm lower body diameter, so look the part.

Fournales shocks are very long-lived and fully rebuildable if/when they eventually need refurbishing. So although not cheap to buy, they can end up being much cheaper than inferior shocks because of the great mileages they can cover without significant loss of performance. They are supplied fully pressurised and ready to fit. Many riders find that the standard pressure suits them and do not need to change it. But if, for example, you plan a long distance 2-up holiday it makes sense to increase the pressure to convert the shocks into heavy duty units for the trip. (Either of two small hand pumps (HP30 or HP40) provide up to 30 bar (430psi) or 40 bar (570psi) and can easily be carried on the bike).

All Fournales twinshocks can be uprated for fitting to motorcycles with sidecars if specified at time of order. The shocks will be built to match the additional weight, and in addition will run at an air pressure approx 30% higher than standard. As these shocks are all made to order in France, delivery takes approx 3 weeks, except in the summertime when, being French, the factory closes for the whole of august!

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Fournales Air Twins - slimline shocks with chrome sliders, black top covers and exposed schrader valves.

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