On this page you'll find summaries of the brands of shocks we sell to suit many sports bikes and general road bikes. They're shown in order of increasing price & performance, although because each brand has a range of performance options they all overlap!

We aim to have the most competitive prices around for all our shocks, so if you can find a better deal elsewhere please give us a call. The price shown is the price you pay, including vat and delivery to most areas of mainland UK.


We have road shocks for sports bikes made by:

Betor road shocks are universal shocks - they are only available with one, general purpose spring rate. But the springs are very progressive, and the dampers are pressurised with nitrogen, so they are a cut above economy shocks and a good value choice for a wide range of British, European and Japanese bikes. They are the cheapest decent quality shocks, with 5-position preload adjustment (needs a C-spanner, £3 extra) and we supply them with the correct bushes for your bike.

Available in three styles as shown: prices from £129/pair delivered with a 1-year warranty.

Betor Road Shocks.
Chrome dampers, black springs.
Sizes: 300,320,330,340,350,360mm.

These 320mm shocks with fork mounts fit many small Honda twins & fours.  Also 330 & 360mm.

Betor Road Shocks.
Matt chrome springs.
Sizes: 300,320,330,340,350,360mm.

Choose your BETOR road shocks:
Betor Universal Road Shocks with Black Springs @ £129/pr
Betor Universal Road Shocks with Matt Chrome Springs @ £129/pr

Hagon road shocks are made in the UK to suit most twinshock bikes - probably the widest range in the world, with damper lengths from 255mm - 370mm, and spring ratings 56-250 lbs-in. Standard shocks have a black 28mm damper with either black or chrome springs (£11.50/pr extra for chrome) and a 3-position preload adjust cam. Springs are around 60mm o.d., though slimline to suit older bikes are a no-cost option. Dampers are also available in polished stainless steel with any spring option. And they can be ordered with stainless steel top caps. These are gas shocks with separator pistons and represent an upgrade for many bikes. Although not rebuildable (the dampers are crimp-sealed around the shaft), they come with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Hagon Standard Shocks.
Fork or ring type mountings.
£179/pr with black springs,
£190.50/pr with chrome springs.

Hagon Polished Stainless Steel.
Choice of standard or slimline springs (std shown).
from £269/pr

Hagon Classic 1 shocks with slimline springs & short top cap.
Black springs / longer caps available.  from £220/pr

Hagon’s 2810 range are gas shocks similar to the popular standard range, but incorporating 10-click adjustable damping (automatic compression/rebound balance). Available for a wide range of bikes, lengths 270mm-370mm. They’re designed to be mounted rod down (ie adjusters at the base). Spring options are the same as the standard road shocks. These 2810s are the best value shocks with adjustable damping on the market. Also available with shiny stainless steel dampers.

Hagon 2810's   £280.50/pr with chrome springs.
Or with stainless dampers at £370.50/pr.

Hagon’s top of the range shocks are their fully rebuildable NITROs. These chunky 38mm all-stainless steel shocks have 10-click adjustable damping, impressive 18mm hard chrome rods, and wide 73mm o.d. springs. They’re built to order to ensure they match individual rider weight and/or height requirements. The end caps, adjuster housing and spring seats are aluminium, anodised in silver or black.

And Nitros are now available as Piggyback shocks, with either black or stainless steel reservoirs and choice of springs to match. Apart from the chunky style, the separate piggyback reservoirs offer improved performance: with an increased volume of oil and greater shock body area, these units will stay cooler and so maintain performance when pushed hard.

Hagon Nitro's with 10-click damping
and fully variable preload adjustment.
Built to order to suit your weight.
£469/pr with chrome springs.

Hagon’s top of the range shocks,
Nitro's with piggyback reservoirs.
Black or stainless steel.
from £659/pr.

Since Alf Hagon’s motorcycle spares business took over Girling Suspension in the 1970s HAGONs have manufactured shocks for a very wide list of applications. Over the years the shocks have been improved enormously and new ranges introduced, and they sell in their 1,000s all over the world. All their shocks are made in the UK, all come with the correct bushes to fit straight on to your bike, and all have a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.

All Hagon twinshocks are built to order with springs and damping calculated to match your weight on the bike. Non-standard length shocks are also available, if you need reduced seat height to get your feet on the ground, or maybe want a taller ride. There's a £20/pair extra charge for non-standard length shocks.

Following customer demand we have opened Bike Revival Shop to take your online order for Hagon shocks. In the Shop you can check out the ranges of shocks available for your bike model, enter details about your weight etc, then order and pay for them.
Just hit the button to transfer to the Shop.

Or, if you need advice or special shocks, email or phone us!

YSS started out in 1983 making good quality budget shocks, - we sold loads of them. Then around 2001 the company moved upmarket. They partnered with leading European shock designers to produce a stunning range of shocks to fit most bikes in the park, from old hack to full race bike. They now make more than 2 million units annually, all ABE/TUV approved and all with a full 2-year warranty. Built with the latest CNC technology, YSS shocks look and feel real quality pieces, and the lower manufacturing costs from building the shocks in Thailand mean that they are seriously good value.

YSS RE302 emulsion shocks with
low pressure gas to reduce foaming.
Correct bushes fitted.
Quality at a good price: from £185/pr.

YSS RZ362's with adjustable rebound
damping & teflon-coated bushes.
Most are length adjustable.
As shown or all black from £459/pr.

YSS RG362 piggybacks with
rebound & compression damping
adjustment. Most applications are
length adjustable.  from £639/pr.

Shown here are the RE302, RZ362 and RG362 ranges, which all have threaded preload adjustment, all mount rod-down to reduce unsprung weight, and all are rebuildable. The RE range have 30mm pistons while the RZ & RG ranges have chunkier 36mm pistons. All have 12mm hard chromed shafts, though heavier duty models with 16mm shafts (RZ366 & RG366) are specified for some bikes.
Also available is the RC302 model, which are piggyback shocks like the RG362, but slimmer and without the damping adjustments. Well suited to bikes like CB400SF, XJR400R, CB1000 they are priced at from £259/pair delivered.

We also stock the YSS Bravo RD222 range. This is the YSS value range of twinshocks, priced at £139/pair delivered. RD222's are twin tube hydraulic shocks with adjustable preload. As for all YSS shocks they have been designed and tested for specific applications, so they come with the correct spring rates and bushes to fit straight onto your bike. And they are also covered by the YSS 2-year warranty.

Choose your YSS shocks:

YSS RD222 shocks @ £139/pr
YSS RE302 shocks @ from £185/pr
YSS RZ362 shocks @ from £459/pr
YSS RG362 shocks @ from £639/pr

Koni stopped making bike shocks years ago, but all the designs etc were transferred to IKON, who have carried on making exactly the same shocks, still the chrome damper/black spring 7610 series and all the same applications plus of course lots of new ones. The 7610's still have 3-position preload adjustment and 4-position dial a ride damping adjustment. If you are one of the thousands of riders who liked the old Konis, you'll be happy with a pair of Ikons.

Also available in SP8 form (chrome springs and chrome top cap), while SP15's add chrome bottom caps. SP14's are all black, SP16's are all black with top caps. And SP17's are standard shocks but + chrome top caps.

IKON 7610 dial-a-rides with
4-way damping adjustment &
very progressive black springs.
Rebuildable. From £397.10/pr.

IKON BASIX chrome fixed-rate
dampers. Slimline black progressive
springs. 3-way preload adjust.
Rebuildable. From £229.90/pr.

IKON 7614 gas charged dampers
Alloy bodies with infinite preload adj.
4-way damping adjustment.
Rebuildable. From £490.20/pr.

IKON have also updated their products with the introduction of two new ranges. These are the 76-series BASIX range, which are designed primarily to provide a cheaper option for classic bikes. They have the same chrome dampers as 7610's but without the damping adjustment, and they have slimmer less progressive black springs to give the classic look.

The second new range is the 7614 shock. These higher performance shocks have gas-pressurised dampers, lightened via alloy bodies, with threaded preload adjustment as well as the traditional 4-position dial-a-ride damping adjustment.

Choose your Ikon shocks:

Ikon Basix shocks from £229.90/pr
Ikon 7610 shocks from £397.10/pr
Ikon 7614 shocks from £490.20/pr

Progressive have become the largest US manufacturer of aftermarket bike shocks since they started out more than 30 years ago. They concentrate their applications lists on more popular bikes, mainly twinshocks, and test all their products thoroughly to ensure a good match between shocks and machine.

Each range of shocks come in various lengths, mainly 11/11.5/12/12.5/13/13.5-inch (280/292/305/318/330/343mm), and with standard or heavy duty options depending on the weight the bike will carry. Standard shocks will suit riders who weigh up to around 15st (95kg) and carry an occasional pillion. Heavier riders or those who mainly ride 2-up will gain a more controlled ride, with less chance of bottoming out, with heavy duty shocks.

Progressive 412's - Chrome versions
have chrome springs and end caps.
£379.00/pr.  Also available with
full chrome covers at the same price.

Progressive 412s

Progressive 412's - Black versions
have black springs and top cap only.
But we can build specials!
All one price   £379.00/pr.

The ever-popular 412-series shocks are very good despite being the cheapest Progressive range. They have twin-tube nitrogen pressurised dampers with multi-stage velocity sensitive valving to give smooth and consistent 2-way damping. Bodies are 41mm o.d., chunkier than many so more able to dissipate heat. They have offset bottom eyes to allow more clearance. Must be mounted rod-up. Preload adjustment is 5-position cam style. Springs are progressive, around 65mm diameter, with a range of rates: 75/120 lb-in, 90/130, 105/150, 120/170 & 140/200 are common, while some of the heavier Harleys have stronger springs. Although not rebuildable 412's are long-lived shocks.

12-series shocks are the same as 412's but without end caps. Dampers & springs are available separately if required.

Progressive 430s

The 430-series shock range use high pressure gas monotubes with larger pistons and deflective discs for tighter damping control. Preload adjustment is tool-less, by twisting the top cap on the damper's threaded body. Styling is strikingly different and modern, with polished chrome damper body and aluminium fluted end caps. Beautiful to look at and to hold, and you won't be disappointed with the performance. They are happy to work either way up.

Progressive 430's
Black  £629/pr  Chrome  £649/pr

Progressive 444s

The 444-series shocks are selling very well due to their combination of understated styling and brilliant performance. They are an improved replacement for the successful 440 range, and incorporate Progressive's Frequency Sensing Technology. This innovation allows the damper to sense the difference between low speed frame movement and high speed wheel displacement, which results in optimised shock control whatever the road conditions. Machined ally dampers & tool-less preload adjustment.

Progressive 444's
Black or Chrome  £799/pr

Progressive 490 series

The new 490 Series is a true sport performance shock at heart at an attractive price, it features a high-pressure monotube with deflective disc damping technology, hand threaded preload and a rebound adjustment to dial in the ride. This technology coupled with a linear rate spring allows for consistent feel through the damper stroke and the ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges and heavy loads. An engineered jounce bumper with a built-in metal cup also helps smooth out and control bottoming. From pounding pavement around town to hammering around the tarmac on your next race day, the 490 is the perfect choice! Every shock is hand-built, tuned and dyno’d and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Progressive 490's

Progressive 990 piggybacks

Top of the Progressive twinshock range are the 990 piggybacks. They feature complete adjustability with a 0.4 inch adjustable height eyelet, rebound damping adjustment, High & Low Speed compression damping adjustment via easily accessible knobs, and threaded hand adjustable spring preload. The 990 features a high-pressure monotube with deflective disc damping routed through two unique circuits delivering a consistent feel through the damper stroke for improved performance and stability. A new and improved engineered jounce bumper features a captured design to help smooth and control bottoming. Every shock is hand-built, tuned and dyno tested, with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Engineered for aggressive sport inspired riders, the 990 sets the mark for excellence. Not a big seller - the high price as a result of the rising dollar/£ rate means that these shocks are expensive. But press reviewers have loved their performance, they're beautifully made, so ideal if you want great shocks that are a little different.

Progressive 990's  £1890.00/pr.

Choose your Progressive shocks:

Progressive 412-series shocks black £379/pr
Progressive 412-series shocks chrome £379/pr
Progressive 412-series full chrome covers £379/pr
Progressive 430-series shocks black £629/pr
Progressive 430-series shocks chrome £649/pr
Progressive 444-series shocks black £799/pr
Progressive 444-series shocks chrome £ 799/pr
Progressive 490-series shocks £799/pr
Progressive 990-series Piggyback shocks £1890/pr

Italian firm Bitubo began making industrial shocks back in 1963, and moved into motorcycle race suspension from 1975, winning world titles within a few years. Since then they have continually developed their race winning products, gained TUV approvals, and also launched ranges of shocks with over 1400 applications.

Bitubo twinshocks for road bikes are well made, stylish and reasonably priced. They are gas shocks (pressurised nitrogen with floating piston),have polished steel 36mm dampers with 12mm rods, polished alloy ends, and stepless preload adjustment. They're designed for rod-down installation to reduce unsprung weight. Springs can be straight or progressive - Bitubo suit the spring choice to the bike.

Bitubo WMB - high pressure gas
shocks. Springs can be red, black
or chrome. All black Dark Edition
also available.  £305.00/pr.

Bitubo-WME's have similar spec to WMB's but
include rebound damping adjustment for only
£51/pr more!!

Bitubo-WMT piggybacks with adjustable
rebound & compression damping for
WMT11 (£693/pair)has length adjust.

Choose your Bitubo shocks:

Bitubo WMB shocks £305/pr
Bitubo WME shocks £356/pr
Bitubo WMT shocks £599/pr

2WINs from Shock Factory

Not a name that too many people have heard of yet, but surprisingly good value, 2WIN twinshocks are built at Mike Capon's Shock Factory in France.

2WIN shocks have both adjustable damping and continuously variable preload adjustment. The single damping adjuster covers a wide range of options, controlling both compression and rebound with 14 clicks of adjustment. With each extra click both compression and rebound are increased keeping the same preset ratio to give great control over the hardness or softness of your ride.

All the shocks are built to order, with springs and damping rates chosen to suit rider/passenger/luggage weight and riding style.

Construction is mainly CNC-machined aluminium so very lightweight, and with clear anodising for good looks that last. The springs are hardened and tempered then shot blasted and finished in a tough, long lasting epoxy polyester powder coat.

We can also arrange for the dampers to be black anodised for the all-black look, although this can add up to 3 weeks to the delivery time, and costs £42 extra.

They come with a 2-year warranty and are rebuildable.

At the moment the range of applications is over 200 and growing, with many popular sports bikes covered. We can also get upgraded shocks for sidecar outfits, and special build shocks, normally all at the standard price.

You can now order 2WIN shocks from our new online shop - hit the 'BUY 2WINs ONLINE' button.

2WINs from Shock Factory

2WIN Twinshocks - Built to order
to suit rider weight etc.
14-click adjustable damping.
2-year warranty and rebuildable.
Excellent value  £432.00/pr.
All black model £42 extra.

Please phone us for unbiased advice:
BIKE REVIVAL on 0203 302 0390.

Or email with details of your bike to

Fournales air shocks have been around for more than 30 years. They started out with competition-winning trials shocks and developed hundreds of applications over a few years. Made to order in France, they have a dedicated following among riders who appreciate their excellent performance, long life, ease of adjustment, light weight, and most of all the quality of ride they provide. These days Fournales also make suspension units for light aircraft, and the bike shocks benefit from this high-tech knowhow.

They are high-pressure air shocks, with the air acting as a very progressive spring, with hydraulic damping tuned specially for each bike model. The internal air pressure can be adjusted (in effect to provide your perfect spring rate) and once set up these shocks will not bottom out - they simply get harder as they are compressed. As a result both traction and performance under braking are improved, and the superb ride quality is ideal if you or your passenger suffer from back pain.

The twinshock range comprises four designs of rear shock (excluding Harley softails), with a wide list of applications - although Fournales seem most popular with Guzzi, Triumph and Harley owners. The Air Twins and Classics are both slimline shocks, with 50mm lower body diameters. Air Twins are finished in black steel top covers over chrome sliders, and have an exposed schrader air valve at the top. The Classics have the same internals, but have a chrome top cover which conceals and protects the schrader valve. (To adjust the pressure, the top cover unscrews and drops down to expose the valve).

Magnums have a chunkier look to them, and are popular on larger bikes and cruisers. They are all chrome with a smooth 60mm diameter top cover and a ribbed lower cover. Like the Classic shocks, the Magnum air valves are accessed by unscrewing and dropping down the top cover. The Black Alloy range were originally launched with Harleys in mind, but they have proved very popular with owners of many other makes and Fournales have greatly expanded the list of applications. Similar in size to Magnums, but finished in black with anodised aluminium hoops. All Fournales shocks are light in comparison with traditional coil-sprung units, but these Black Alloys are super light!

Fournales shocks are very long-lived and fully rebuildable if/when they eventually need refurbishing. They are supplied fully pressurised and ready to fit. Many riders find that the standard pressure suits them and do not need to change it. But if, for example, you plan a long distance 2-up holiday it makes sense to increase the pressure to convert the shocks into heavy duty units for the trip. Either of two small hand pumps (HP30 or HP40) provide up to 30 bar (430psi) or 40 bar (570psi) and can easily be carried on the bike.

All Fournales twinshocks can be uprated for fitting to motorcycles with sidecars. This should be specified at time of order. The shocks will be built to match the additional weight, and in addition will run at an air pressure approx 30% higher than for the corresponding solo machine.

Although not cheap to buy, they can end up being much cheaper than inferior shocks because of the great mileages they can cover without significant loss of performance.

As these shocks are all made to order in France, delivery takes approx 3 weeks, except in the summertime when, being French, the factory closes for the whole of august!

Hitting the 'BUY' button transfers you to our sister website where you can find your application and purchase online.

Fournales Air Twins - slimline shocks with chrome sliders, black top covers and exposed schrader valves.

Fournales Classics - the same internals as Air Twins, but they're all chrome and the schrader valves are hidden under the top covers. £769/pr

Fournales Magnums - 10mm wider than Classics, so a chunkier look, and bigger pistons for greater consistency & heat dissipation.  £829/pr

Fournales Black Alloys - so much lighter than standard coilover shocks, and everyone wants black shocks now....  £769/pr

German company Wilbers are one of the largest shock manufacturers in the world despite making only very high quality (and therefore not cheap) shocks. They are also one of the few manufacturers who extend their warranty beyond 2 years - Wilbers shocks are warranted for 5 years, although you need to have them serviced after 2 years to activate the extended period.

The Wilbers twinshock range is quite varied, but for roadgoing twinshock sports bikes it mainly comprises the four models shown here, all of which are 36mm high pressure gas units. The 5xx series is the Ecoline range, with adjustable preload. The 530 series are the most purchased range, but these are also available as 531's with chrome top caps for an extra £16/pr, and as 540's - which have meatier bodies with 46mm diameter pistons - at £726/pr. Next comes the 630 series, which adds 22 clicks of rebound damping adjustment to the 530 spec. Then there’s the 632 series which are piggyback shocks and add compression damping adjustability. Plus for track day use we’d recommend the 633 series, which allow separate high-speed and low-speed compression damping adjustment. Heavy duty 640 Series shocks, which are chunkier with 46mm diameter pistons, are available for some bike models.

All shocks have true variable rated springs rather than simple progressives, which helps to optimise performance under variable road conditions. And uniquely (except the Ecoline range) you can specify the spring colour. Standard options are Blue Line, which have blue springs and red/blue coloured adjusters or Black Line which have black springs and silver adjusters. Or you can opt for the more expensive all black Nightline shocks - please phone for a price. And for an extra £72 you can select almost any spring colour, and there’s a handy page on Wilber’s website which shows how the many available colour options will look. See it at

Wilbers build their shocks to order in Germany, to suit rider weight and riding style, and all are of course fully rebuildable. Expect around 3 weeks from the day the of order to delivery.

Wilbers 530 Series - Quality shocks with 36mm diameter pistons and self-aligning bearings.

Wilbers 630 Series - adds 22 clicks of rebound damping adjustment.
Springs can be black or blue.

Wilbers 632 Series piggybacks have separate 22-click rebound & compression damping adjusters.

Wilbers 633 Series - Top of the range piggybacks with separate adjustment of high and low speed compression damping.  £1211/pr

Choose your Wilbers shocks:

Wilbers 530/540-series shocks from £675/pr
Wilbers 630/640-series shocks from £767/pr
Wilbers 632-series shocks from £1155/pr
Wilbers 633-series shocks from £1211/pr

Totally new shocks from K-Tech! Most riders know K-Tech for their brilliant race-winning DDS monoshocks and innovative front-end kit. But this UK company, with more than 25 years experience in bike suspension, have now launched an all-new Razor twinshock range. Designed for larger and performance bikes rather than commuters, initial applications cover Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler & Thruxton, Indians, Kawasaki ZRX1100/1200, and Harley Dynas & Sportsters, but K-Tech have plans to widen the range considerably..

Razor#8217;s are the piggyback shocks pictured. They feature separate rebound and compression damping adjustment, plus adjustable length and of course preload. Designed and manufactured in the UK to K-Tech’s very demanding standards, and built to order to suit your weight and riding style, the difference between these shocks and standard units is outstanding. And the external reservoirs will help keep the shocks cool when you’re pushing on. Expensive but quality costs!

Also available as Razor Lites. These are the classically styled version without the piggyback reservoirs, and so also without compression damping adjustability. But also without quite a lot of ££££s at £592.50 delivered.

K-Tech Razor Lite - nitrogen filled, alloy bodies,
anodised black finish, rebound damping
adjustment, adjustable preload & length.

K-Tech Razor - As Razor Lite plus piggyback
reservoirs allow adjustable compression damping.
Red springs are a no-cost option.

Choose your K-Tech shocks:

K-Tech Razor III shocks from £592.50/pr
K-Tech Razor IV shocks from £906.30/pr

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BIKE REVIVAL on 0203 302 0390.

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Nitron are not only one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of race suspension (for both bikes and cars) - they are also British! Their products are all developed for racing use, and even their road bike shocks use all the same technology and parts as the full race spec units. The use of high grade aluminium and titanium results in lightweight but strong shocks that are also well protected against corrosion.

The R1 Sport twinshocks have a single 24-click adjuster which affects both rebound and compression damping simultaneously, making set-up very straightforward for general road use. Continuous preload adjustment and also adjustable length (for most models) are incorporated. The single tube nitrogen-charged dampers have 35mm pistons carried on 12mm rods, giving superbly stable control.

The R3 Race shocks are full-spec piggyback units. The dampers are again 35mm single tube units, with ultra low friction internals to further improve responsiveness, and 3 levels of damping adjustment to ensure the bike’s handling can be set up to match track conditions: 24-click rebound, 16-click high-speed compression and 18-click low-speed compression.

Both models can also be ordered in classic or all-black styles to suit your bike. All Nitron shocks are custom built, valved and sprung to suit your weight and riding requirements. One unique feature is optional 20mm longer end eyes are available if required. Delivery is normally around 10 days.

Nitron R1 Sport Twins - 24 click balanced damping adjustment plus stepless preload and length adjustability. Also available in "Classic" and "Stealth" styles. .  £777/pr

Nitron R3 Race Twins - Top class piggybacks with huge range of adjustment for those seeking the perfect individual set-up or the winning lap time.   £1298/pr

Choose your Nitron shocks:

Nitron R1 Sport shocks from £777/pr
Nitron R3 Race shocks from £1298/pr