On this page you’ll see various economically priced shocks for fitting to general road bikes. We don't sell rubbish, we have selected and tested these shocks to ensure that they are value for money.

They are traditional hydraulic shocks. With some shocks they are part of a range giving length and fitting options, others are one-off models. Generally they are universal shocks - ie there are no choices of spring rating.

We always try to ensure that the shocks you are buying are suitable for your bike, and have the correct bushes etc to fit straight on without modification. Sometimes we may refuse to sell particular shocks if we feel they are unsuitable for your bike, especially if you have a heavy, powerful machine that deserves decent shocks (even if you are selling the bike next week and don't want to spend much on it !!)


The price you see is the price you pay - including UK mainland delivery & VAT.
Excellent value for money, hundreds of pairs sold since 1993. 
Bushes supplied with all shocks.
All measurements are fitting centre to centre.  

Please contact us for a quote for your bike.



  • Twinspring - Eye Mounts.
    Sizes 325 / 335 / 365 / 400mm.
    Also available in chrome.

  • Twinspring - Fork Mounts.
    Sizes 325 / 335 / 365mm.
    Also available in black.

  • 305mm Single Spring, rating approx 130lbs.
    Also available in black.

Choose your TWINSPRING shocks:

Universal 305mm Black Shocks Pin/Pin @ £89/pr
Universal 305mm Chrome Shocks Pin/Pin @ £89/pr
Twinspring 320mm Chrome Shocks Pin/Fork @ £89pr
Twinspring 327mm Chrome Shocks Fork/Fork @ £89/pr
Twinspring 325mm Black Shocks Pin/Pin @ £89/pr
Twinspring 325mm Chrome Shocks Pin/Pin @ £89/pr
Twinspring 335mm Black Shocks Pin/Pin @ £89/pr
Twinspring 335mm Chrome Shocks Pin/Pin @ £89/pr
Twinspring 335mm Black Shocks Pin/Fork @ £89/pr
Twinspring 335mm Chrome Shocks Pin/Fork @ £89/pr
Twinspring 365mm Black Shocks Pin/Pin @ £89/pr
Twinspring 365mm Chrome Shocks Pin/Pin @ £89/pr
Twinspring 365mm Black Shocks Pin/Fork @ £89/pr
Twinspring 365mm Chrome Shocks Pin/Fork @ £89/pr
Twinspring 400mm Black Shocks Pin/Pin @ £89/pr


  • BR2163 is a 320mm shock with rod cover, designed to fit classic 70s bikes like RD250 / RD400. Slimline (54 mm dia) shocks available with chrome or black springs. It has progressive springs (approx 90/150 lbs), 5-position preload adjuster, & 12mm bushes top and bottom. Or BR2162 with black springs is a little cheaper. Also available is BR2176, which is a longer (345mm) version of BR2163.

  • BR2163  £92.50/pr.

  • EMGO classic shocks, with black dampers and chrome straight-cut springs, are very popular with classic british bike owners. They are made with imperial bushes, but we can fit metric bushes to suit your bike. Sizes are 302, 315, 328 & 340mm with a choice of spring ratings.

  • EMGO Classic  £85/pr.

  • BR2158 is a slimline 310mm shock (spring dia 47mm) suitable for bikes up to 175cc. The springs are medium weight and lightly progressive.

  • BR2158  £89/pr.

  • BR2020 is a short shock at 280mm. It has adjustable preload, with straight rather than progressive springs, approx 105 lbs.

  • BR2020  £89/pr.

  • BR2190 are 325mm long accurate reproductions of shocks fitted to Kawasaki H2 750cc (1971-75) and H1 500cc (1969-76). Supplied with grey sleeves inside the spring to protect the damper rod. Bushes are 14mm top and 10mm bottom. Preload adjustable.

  • BR2190  £99/pr.

  • BR2192 are 302mm long, as fitted to the following Suzuki models :- T500 (1970-75),GT500 (1975-77), GT380 (1972-77),GT550 (1972-77), GT750 (1972-77) (although note that some OEM shocks had short top covers). Bushes are 12mm top & bottom. Preload adjustable. Spring is 132 lbs and available travel is 79mm.

  • BR2192   £99/pr.

Choose your OPEN SPRING shocks:

BR2162 Shocks @ £89/pr
BR2163 Shocks @ £92.50/pr
BR2176 Shocks @ £92.50/pr
EMGO 302mm Shocks @ £85/pr
EMGO 315mm Shocks @ £85/pr
EMGO 328mm Shocks @ £85/pr
EMGO 340mm Shocks @ £85/pr
BR2158 Shocks @ £89/pr
BR2020 Shocks @ £89/pr
BR2190 Shocks @ £99/pr
BR2192 Shocks @ £99/pr

Lightweight Shocks With Caps

These lightweight shocks are generally suitable for bikes up to around 175cc.

We can generally change bushes on all these shocks to suit your bike.

Most of these shocks have adjustable preload, a suitable c-spanner is £3.

  • There are a few models with long (around 90-100mm) top caps:

    The BR2021 shocks are about the shortest shocks we have, at 265mm between centres, with 12mm x 18mm bushes and adjustable preload. Also available in black.

  • BR2021  £89/pr.

  • BR2165 are 325mm long, designed to fit Honda CG125 (1985 on) and non-adjustable.

  • BR2165  £79/pr.

  • BR2169 are 335mm long with 90 mm chrome cap. 14mm x 21mm top bushes and 10mm x 21mm bottom bushes, adjustable preload, and quite firm springs.

  • BR2169  £129/pr.

  • Of the shocks with shorter top caps: BR2019 are 320mm and have the lower fork fitting with 8mm hole, which suits small Yamaha's e.g.RD125-200 and many Hondas up to 250cc. Some people have stripped these shocks and used the dampers to rebuild sixties Honda shocks, e.g. CB 160. Has adjustable preload. Also available in black.

  • BR2019  £89/pr.

  • BR2018 are also 320mm shocks but with 12mm ring-type mountings at both ends, and also fit many bikes up to 250cc. These shocks have adjustable preload, and are also available in black.

  • BR2018  £89/pr.

  • BR2140 are 310mm long, with adjustable preload, 12mm bushes, and fairly soft springs

  • BR2140  £89/pr.


BR2021 Shocks @ £89/pr
BR2165 Shocks @ £79/pr
BR2169 Shocks @ £129/pr
BR2019 Shocks @ £89/pr
BR2018 Shocks @ £89/pr
BR2140 Shocks @ £89/pr


  • BR2133
    280mm long.  12x18mm top bush & 10x18mm bottom bush.

  • BR2137
    290mm long.  12x18mm top bush & 8mm fork with 23mm i.d.

  • BR2030
    330mm long. Also available with black top cover.


BR2133 Shocks @ £69/pr
BR2137 Shocks @ £95/pr
BR2030 Shocks @ £75/pr

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